Another Vietnamese victim reported in Cambodian stampede

TN News

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Another Vietnamese man was identified among the victims of a disastrous stampede in Cambodia on Monday, bringing Vietnam's death toll to ten.


The body of Nguyen Van Phat, 21, of the Mekong Delta Province of Bac Lieu has been confirmed among the dead, Lam Anh Tuan, chief of the Hung Hoi commune police department reported.


Phat's family in Hung Hoi said that he was known as Thanh at his job in Cambodia, so he wasn't listed as a Vietnamese victim right away.


On Tuesday, Phat's boss called the family to inform them of the young man's death, Nguyen Van Nhieu, the victims' father, said.


Phat and three of his co-workers from a Cambodian coffee shop attended Cambodia's national water festival.


Phat was the only one killed in the disaster, according to Nhieu.


After receiving Phat's body from a hospital, the boss sent it to a nearby pagoda, planning a cremation in case he couldn't contact the young man's family, Nhieu added.


Tragedy struck at the Cambodian celebration when panicked festival-goers tried to rush off of a suspension bridge after a rumor spread that it was about to collapse, according to local media.


The neighboring country's "worst disaster since the Khmer Rouge reign of terror" claimed 347 lives, including 221 women, AFP reported Friday.


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