Another Vietnam firm caught passing off European luxury goods as Chinese to evade tax

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Following the recent discovery of possible tax evasion by a Gucci store in Ho Chi Minh City, customs have found another company importing foreign luxury fashion items and passing them off as cheap Chinese goods to evade nearly VND1.6 billion (US$76,415) in taxes.

Ta Giang Linh Trade and Services Ltd., Co. imported shoes, clothes, and handbags made by Gucci and YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) through Saigon Port in early September, online newspaper Vietnamnet reported.

But the company declared to customs that the goods had been made in China and were worth $2,524, and paid taxes of VND13.6 million.

Customs and other agencies found out that the items were imported from Italy, Brazil, and France, and the consignment was worth more than VND4 billion ($191,000).

Ta Giang Linh Company is thought to be one of the suppliers for luxury fashion stores in the country.

It is also thought to be involved in the Gucci store scam in HCMC last month,Vietnamnet said.


On November 27 the city police caught four trucks carrying cartons containing clothes, handbags, and footwear made by Gucci and other brands to the warehouse of Gucci and Milano stores in District 1. 

They had been imported by Nam De Company from Hong Kong, and declared to be of Chinese origin and worth $1.8-7 each, but the stores had claimed they sold original stuff.

After the raid the police closed down the two stores.

Nam De has also closed down, and its director Nguyen Thanh Binh and other employees have disappeared.

Vietnamnet said Le Hong Duc, who was in charge of the consignment's import, has turned himself in and is being questioned by the police.

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