Another shark caught off Vietnam's central coast

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A three-meter long shark was the second shark in one month to be murdered off Vietnam's central coast on Friday. Ten people in the area have reportedly been attacked by an unidentified fish since last July.

Local authorities in Binh Dinh Province said the shark, which was caught by fisherman Tran Van Duc and eight others around one sea mile off the coast of the town of Quy Nhon, was not the culprit.

The shark, weighing more than half a ton, had a jaw of 50-centimeter-plus in diameter, while the largest bite left on a recent victim was 20-centimeter-plus in diameter, said Nguyen Huu Hao, head of Binh Dinh Seafood Development and Protection Department.

Local agencies were unable to identify the exact kind of shark caught as Duc sold the whole fish for VND10 million (just under US$500) before tests could be performed.

A one-ton great white was caught and killed near the shore of neighboring Phu Yen Province on February 4.

Hao said sharks may be swimming closer to shore due to climate change.

Vo Si Tuan, deputy head of Nha Trang-based Institute of Oceanography, said there was no scientific evidence to prove Hao's theory and that a specific study on sharks in Vietnam wouldn't begin until next year.

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