Another motorbike burned mysteriously in northern Vietnam

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Another motorbike caught on fire Monday in Hanoi for an unidentified reason, just three days after the city recorded the same accident, VnExpress reported.

The newswire quoted Ngo Trong Luyen, a witness, as saying that a white Honda SH caught fire after it had a collision with a car. While the driver stood his bike up, it suddenly caught on fire, Luyen said.

It burned down within ten minutes, despite locals' efforts to extinguish the fire, he added.

The driver left the site right after the accident, and so far has yet to be identified, according to a report on newswire Dan Tri.

Police are investigating the cause.

On December 9, a Honda Air Blade was also burned down in a fire when a 21-year-old student was riding it to school. 

In October, two other accidents occurred in Hanoi, damaging another Honda Air Blade and a Wave.


Meanwhile, on December 1, a Honda Super Dream exploded in the northern province of Bac Ninh, killing a pregnant woman and critically injuring a four-year-old girl who were riding it.

Soon after the explosion, the bike was on fire and was totally damaged.

Most of the cases have yet to be solved.

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