Another massacre in Vietnam as man kills family of 4 over unrequited love, again?

By Khanh Hoan – Pham Duc – Thai Son, Thanh Nien News

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Police officers at the scene where four people of a family were killed in a remote village in Nghe An Province on July 2. Photo: Thuc Anh 
Nghe An police have arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly killing four people of a family, including an infant, on July 2 after he was caught stealing lemons from the victims’ farm.
Vi Van Hai of Tuong Duong District confessed to the murders, Ho Sy Tien of the Ministry of Public Security said late Sunday.
According to preliminary reports, Hai was stealing lemons when he was detected by Lo Van Tho, the owner of the land and Hai’s neighbor in a remote village near the Laotian border.
After a quarrel, Hai suddenly killed Tho with a knife.
He then went looking for Tho’s wife Le Thi Yen and their 11-month-old baby and killed them.
He only left after killing Tho’s mother Vieng Thi Chanh at a nearby stream, the police said.
But Tuoi Tre newspaper reported that Hai's motivation for the crime was Yen's rejection of his love and things snowballed after Tho caught Hai stealing.
Hai claimed that Yen also loved him and he had told Tho about this several times, the paper reported.
After killing Tho, Hai killed Yen because she refused to go away with him, the newspaper quoted an unnamed police source as saying.
Hai’s brother-in-law Vang Van Ha said Hai used to be a gentle and quiet person and that he was married with two children.
“Hai has a farm a kilometer away. After the massacre, he went back and was at his farm as usual.”
The crime happened just five days before another family massacre in the southern province of Binh Phuoc.
Six people, including all four members of a wealthy family and their two relatives, were found dead in their home in Binh Phuoc Province in an alleged robbery on July 7. Two of them were children.
The murderers had tied five of them up before slitting their throats in their rooms, according to the police.
Two suspects, both 24, have confessed to the murder, including Nguyen Hai Duong, ex-boyfriend of one of the victims, 22-year-old Le Thi Anh Linh. Duong reportedly said he committed the crime to avenge Linh’s rejection of his love.

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