Angry mob destroys police van over fatal traffic accident

TN News

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Residents angry over the death of a young man that they accused the police of being responsible for burned and destroyed a police van and a motorbike in central Vietnam on Thursday.


Ha Tinh Province police said that they found Nguyen Van Toan, 23, riding with another two men on a motorbike without wearing helmets in Ky Long Commune, VnExpress reported.


When they asked him to stop, Toan tried to run away, and the police gave chase.


On the way, the two pillion riders jumped off the bike, while Toan kept riding. He then crashed into a truck and died on the spot, the news website reported.


Police sent a van with several officers to the site, but were crowded around by thousands of people who accused them of causing Toan's death.


Some of them turned over the van and burned it, while others destroyed an officer's motorbike, according to the news source.


The incidents prompted the police to mobilize another 30 officers to deal with the angry residents, causing a traffic jam several kilometers long on National Highway No.1A.


It took four hours to clear the accident site.

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