Ancient pottery found in central Vietnam

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Museum officials in Quang Ngai Province have discovered thousands of ceramic items dating back three thousand years, the local news website Vnexpress said Tuesday.

Doan Ngoc Khoi, an expert from Quang Ngai Museum, said that that evidence indicates that the items came from the Sa Huynh culture --which flourished between 1,000 BC and 200 AD in central and southern Vietnam.

Among the items found after more than two weeks of excavation are domestic crockery and ceramic renderings of Linga, an iconic representation of the Hindu deity Shiva used in temple ceremonies. The Sa Huynh people are known as the predecessors of the Cham people, who were heavily influenced by Indian culture.

Khoi said that archeologists exploring in the area in 1978 unearthed sculptures of Linga and iron tools, which are common in Sa Huynh sites.

Since 1909, the Ma Vuong (Satanic Majesty) mound has yielded several fruitful archeological expeditions. It was excavated in 1923, 1939, 1977 and 1978.

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