An average day at a Ho Chi Minh City rehab center

By Dinh Phu - Diep Duc Minh, Thanh Nien News

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The Nhi Xuan vocational center in Xuan Thoi Son Commune, Hoc Mon District is one of more than ten destinations for Ho Chi Minh City's recovering drug addicts.
The 28-hectare center is managed by the Voluntary Youth Force which falls under the purview of the city government.
The facility currently serves over 1,000 patients and offers them job skills training in the hopes of helping them reintegrate into the community.
Thanh Nien reporters visited the center on Tuesday to get a sense of what an average day involves.

 Patients attend classes at Nhi Xuan Center.

Two recovering addicts learn computer skills.

 Some learn to fix motorbikes.

A teacher teaches a recovering addict basic electrical repair skills.

 An instructor gives a lesson in sewing.

Music is also part of the education.

They don't just study but also work. Here the patients are working on putting together shopping bags.

The patients engage in outdoor gardening and ground maintenance.

 The patients make chairs.

 Patients play a game of volleyball.

And play video games indoors

A billiard table is available as well.

 The patients in the center's gymnasium

A patient reads a Vietnamese edition of "A Man Named Dave," The New York Times bestselling memoir of a man's childhood abuse and his recovery from the trauma.

 Lunchtime. The patients are served four meals a day.

 Doctors conduct health exams on their patients.

 A group of patients watch television in their dormitory.

The kids' yard is used during family visits.

 The center is shaded by a lot of green.

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