Ajinomoto Vietnam leads green city campaign

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General Director of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company Hiroharu Motohashi (R) and employees collect garbage in Neighborhood No. 9 in Binh An Ward, Bien Hoa Town, Dong Nai Province on October 10.

"Clean-up Our Earth Together Day" at Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone in Dong Nai Province saw more than 1,000 employees and members of Ajinomoto Vietnam Company's Board of Directors joined hands with local residents to collect garbage and clean the streets.

The campaign came as part of a global program called "Smile Earth! The Ajinomoto Group's 2012 Global Citizenship Activities for the Future," the company said in a statement.

"Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has been operating in Vietnam for more than 20 years," said Hiroharu Motohashi, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company's general director.

"Along with creating high quality seasoning products to make a contribution towards developing Vietnamese culinary culture, we also carry out many social responsibility activities to bring Vietnamese people a healthy and happy life. The "˜Smile Earth! The Ajinomoto Group's 2012 Global Citizenship Activities for the Future' program also expresses this meaning.

"The first objective is we need to confirm ourselves that we need to take care of the environment. We are beings on this planet, we need to protect the environment and save all resources. This is a chance for each member of the Ajinomoto family to realize their roles in the effort to "˜make Earth smile' for a healthy and happy life for themselves and future generations.

"We have a business here. The reason we can continue business is because of the big support from our neighbors and communities. We cannot do business without any support or understanding from neighbors and the community. That's why we will also ask them to join the event."

Mrs. Tuyet, a resident of neighborhood No. 9 in Bien Hoa Town's Binh An Ward, said she has participated in Ajinomoto's environmental activities several years in a row.

"This activity has an even greater effect. When we see Ajinomoto staff collecting litter in our own neighborhoods or we join them in doing so -- many residents have stopped littering," she said.

Tuyet's neighbor, Huynh Thanh Phuong, a student at Dong Nai Technology University, said if the event had been on the weekend, even more people would have joined.

Mr. Hiroharu Motohashi said the activity was small way to demonstrate the company's mission of contributing to society.

"This is not an activity to make a good image for the company. This is just activities coming from our heart, so we should do it," he said.

Ajinomoto Vietnam Company is also involved in other related activities such as the "Mottainai campaign", in which employees are called to donate their unused clothes, books, school equipment etc for the less fortunate. Donated items will be given to charity centers nationwide.

Also, "Let's start Eco Action for tomorrow's Earth" program, in particular the "Saving paper for a green environment" campaign has been launched to raise awareness of not wasting paper, both at home and at work.

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