Air traffic controller's license revoked for almost causing mid-air collision

TN News

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has revoked the license of an unnamed air traffic controller for causing mistakes that could have led to a mid-air collision between two aircrafts above the central region on October 14.


A managing air traffic controller was suspended for two months, three others on the shift were fined, but again they were not named, Tuoi Tre Newspaper reported.


The incident occurred at 11:51 a.m. when the controllers ordered Vietnam Airlines's flight VN1511 from Hanoi to Da Nang to climb to a height coded FL340.


At 12:08 a foreign aircraft, identity again not revealed, asked to climb to the same altitude, and was permitted by the control tower.



Two minutes later the captain of VN1511 flight detected the other airplane at the same altitude 10 kilometers away and reported to the control tower.


But the captain had to alert the controllers for a second time before they issued a warning and ordered the plane to descend to altitude FL240.

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