AIP, Diversey donate helmets to young students in northern Vietnam

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The Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation and Diversey Inc. donated more than helmets to 273 students at Cam Thuong Primary School in the northern province of Hai Duong on Friday.

The event marked the sixth year that Diversey, a global provider of cleaning, hygiene and sanitation solutions, has partnered with the AIP Foundation to donate helmets to Vietnamese school children.

Cam Thuong School is located near the border between Hai Duong Province and Hanoi, near busy National Highway 5, placing locals, especially children, at risk of being involved in traffic accidents, the AIP Foundation said in a statement on Friday.

With the daily need for its students to commute through these dangerous situations, the school prioritizes road safety education, it said.

Principal Dao Thi Kim Thoa said the school has implemented a number of additional activities during the school year, including individual discussions with parents, inter-classroom competitions, and school-wide events to reinforce the importance of helmet use.

"The result is that 70 percent of our students wear helmets, well above the national average of approximately 30 percent," she said.

At the ceremony, Diversey representative Stefan Phang told the story of a fourth-grader involved in a road crash to stress on the importance of wearing helmet when riding motorbike.

"This student was traveling on the back of his father's motorcycle when another speeding motorcycle hit him from behind. He crashed into the ground and was unconscious for several minutes after the impact. Fortunately, he was sent to the local hospital and was stable within a few hours.

"He ultimately escaped with only a few scratches to his arms and legs, and likely avoided a debilitating brain injury or even death due to his Diversey helmet," he said.

According to Lotte Brondum, Regional Development Director for the AIP Foundation, Diversey has been helping provide helmets to Cam Thuong Primary School students since 2007.

"Over that time, students have formed a personal connection to Stefan, and we have seen the excellent results from Diversey's commitment to increasing the use of helmets among these children," she said.

This time, 273 students received free helmets, including first-graders and those in second through fifth grade who had either damaged helmets or ones they had outgrown.

Students between second and fifth grade at Cam Thuong Primary School have all received helmets and road safety education since 2007, since which time Diversey and the AIP have donated approximately 1,814 helmets and nearly six years of traffic safety education.

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