Activists ask US to compensate victims of Agent Orange

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A French organization dedicated to fight for justice for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange on April 29 launched demonstrations in Paris and collected signatures asking the US to compensate the victims.


Dozens of volunteers from the Collectif Vietnam Dioxin approached the public and explained to them the damage caused by Agent Orange a defoliant that was sprayed by US soldiers during the Vietnam War.


The volunteers also asked people to sign a petition asking the US government and the dioxin producers to take responsibility for the damage caused by the toxin and compensate its victims.


Several Congressmen and local leaders affixed their signatures to the campaign.


Earlier, on April 18, hundreds of activists demonstrated in New York demanding Dow Chemical to accept responsibility and help Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.


The demonstration took place at Prospect Park, where Dow was  organizing its "Live Earth: Run for Water" campaign.


The activists accused Dow of using such campaigns to conceal its culpability in the widespread damage caused to human life, plant life, water and the ecology as a whole by the toxic defoliants that it has produced.

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