Abbott Vietnam helps over 100,000 children in typhoon-stricken areas

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The happiness of  Dang Thai Mai Primary School's pupils when receving milk presents from Abbott

Mr. Cao Duc Phat Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development said that since the beginning of 2013, many natural disasters have caused severe damages and losses in terms of property and human life in our country.

Wutip and Nari, which were regarded as the strongest typhoons to hit Vietnam this year, affected hundreds of thousands of people and caused economic losses of over VND12.5 trillion, according to the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control.

People in nine central provinces, from Thanh Hoa to Quang Nam, were seriously affected.  Their daily life has become even harder than it already is, and the entire country has united together to help those who were affected by those natural disasters.

However, due to the large scale of the storms, there were limited relief programs that could reach all the nine affected provinces.

Out of the deepest sympathy for the victims and understanding that local children's health has never been more vulnerable, Abbott Vietnam, in corporation with Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and Youth Association of Vietnam launched the program "Tiep nguon dinh duong, trao gui yeu thuong" (Supply nutrition, Give love) on October 20.

Right after a launching event in Ha Noi, Abbott promptly delivered over 500,000 boxes of Grow liquid milk worth VND5 billion (U.S $228,000) to children in the nine central provinces affected by Wutip and Nari.

A ten-day journey and 500,000 meaningful milk boxes

Mr.Jullian Caillet, General Manager of Abbott Nutrition Vietnam giving milk boxes to pupils of Duy Tan Primary School, the central city of Da Nang

Eroded and muddy roads and ruined houses and buildings were just some of the typhoons' aftermaths in the central provinces.

However, with love and care, teams of the program "Tiep nguon dinh duong, trao gui yeu thuong" overcame the difficulties to deliver milk boxes to needy children. 

Within only ten days between October 21-30, more than 100.000 pupils from 174 schools in the nine central provinces were given nutrition supplement which helped them come back to school without any nutritional deprivation.

In an appreciation for Abbott Vietnam and its relief efforts, Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Ha Vice President of Youth Association of Vietnam said: "In the tragic aftermath of the typhoons, local authorities and people have been struggling to repair facilities and restore production, thus not paying enough attention to their children's nutrition. Therefore, the immediate support from Abbott Vietnam is extremely necessary, and highly appreciated. The strong encouragement from Abbott will help the pupils overcome this tough time and soon get back to school."

The program has completed its objectives.

But, it is just a beginning of Abbott's long-term journey of improving Vietnamese people's healthcare.

The latest donation activity is one of the milestones that Abbott achieved on its way towards the mission of being a globally responsible citizen. It also shows Abbott's efforts in caring and improving Vietnamese people's lives.

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