A rare look at conjugal visits in Vietnamese prisons

Thanh Nien News

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Some prisons award well-behaved inmates 24 hours with their family in aptly named 'happy houses'


This “Happy House” section of a prison in the northern province of Bac Giang allows prisoners some private time with their wives and children. Hoang Mai, head of the Prison Police Department at the Ministry of Public Security in the 1960s, helped open these houses. Photo credit: Phap Luat TPHCM
Each room has some condoms and drinks just like in a hotel. The idea received opposition at the beginning but Mai said spending time with their families would be a big encouragement for the prisoners. The award is not available for convicts of dangerous crimes. 
A man reunites with his wife in at one of the prisons with "happy rooms" in the province. 
A wife brings her daughter along. Some people have suggested that the prisons let these inmates put on normal clothes during the visit to save their children from negative impressions. 
Family time in prison 

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