Vietnam adjourns trial of massive financial scam

A Hanoi court suspended the trial of nine former executives from Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) and an associated company, on Wednesday afternoon, due to the absence of a defendant.

6 Vietnamese arrested in Japan for allegedly growing cannabis
Japanese police have arrested six Vietnamese nationals on suspicion of growing cannabis in a series of abandoned warehouses in Hyogo Prefecture, Asahi Shimbun reported Monday.

At least 5 killed in Vietnam highway crash
At least five people, including one foreigner, died after a bus carrying 13 passengers collided with a water tanker on an expressway between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta on Wednesday morning.
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A file photo shows Nguyen Bich Ngoc, a 25-year-old Vietnam Airlines flight attendant, being arrested March 26 on suspicion of involving in a ring which smuggled stolen goods from Japan to Vietnam
Japanese authorities released a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant, who was arrested last month on suspicion of smuggling stolen goods due to a lack of evidence, Japanese media reported Tuesday.

Ho Chi Minh City promotes community-based drug detox
Ho Chi Minh City authorities opened a methadone treatment center on Tuesday and continued to push a trial project to provide community-based drug treatment despite the fact that it has not been as effective as expected.
ACB founder pleads not guilty to Vietnam fraud, tax dodge
Nguyen Duc Kien, a founder of Asia Commercial Bank, pleaded not guilty to fraudulently taking assets, tax evasion and other crimes that partly caused losses the Vietnamese lender estimates at VND8.67 trillion (US$411 million).

Hanoi ceramic road decays amid neglect

Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural, one of the major projects developed on the occasion of the Millennial anniversary of Hanoi in 2010, has been ravaged of badly preservation and ill-behaved daily activities.

Sham plastic surgeons back in action in Vietnam
Two con men whose beauty saloon was shut down in Ho Chi Minh City last April for providing health damaging services are coming back, a victim said.
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