92-yr-old 'birdman' builds treehouse in southern Vietnam to live with nature

By Thanh Dung, Thanh Nien News

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Duong Van Duong on a hammock on his treehouse in An Giang Province. Photo: Thanh Dung Duong Van Duong on a hammock on his treehouse in An Giang Province. Photo: Thanh Dung


It’s easy to find Duong Van Duong in the Mekong Delta’s An Giang Province. Many locals know him and they call him “birdman.”
And it’s even easier to find where he lives: right on the top of trees.
The 92-year-old spends most of his time on a bamboo house around 30 feet above the ground in his backyard, because he loves breathing in fresh air and listening to birds.
“He only climbs down for meals, and then he will climb up again,” said Tran Thi Be Bay, his daughter in law.
Bay said a few decades ago, Duong started planting four trees to make the four pillars for his future house. 
He started the construction in 2007, trimming bamboos and tying them together in the next seven years to create the impressive structure. 
Despite his age, Duong is still moving up and down quickly.

The treehouse. Photo: Thanh Dung
Sometimes he has to slow down to avoid bee hives along the bamboos.
“They know me. So they won’t sting,” he said.
Bay said Duong used to spend the night up there too but his children has persuaded him to climb down before dark. 
Duong said he’s much stronger than his children think he is, and part of it is thanks to climbing every day.
He said the roof of the house needs fixing but none of his young grandchildren can help him.
“They climbed halfway and they were already scared,” said the man, smiling. 
Bay said her father in law is still going down the river to catch fish and he’s rarely had to visit a doctor ever.

Many people call him weird, but he says he's done nothing wrong.

He's just enjoying his life, Duong said. 

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