91 year-old man gets 8 years for trying to poison wife

By Mai Tram, Thanh Nien News

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A court in southern Vietnam Thursday sentenced a 91-year old man to eight years in jail for trying to poison his octogenarian wife last April over a property dispute.
The Can Tho court rejected prosecutors’ pleas to let Le Van Tha walk free.
According to the indictment, on April 10 last year he secretly added some insecticide to a pot of tea from which his wife Le Thi Ba usually drank.
Ba, 85, poured the tea into a cup and discovered it looked and smelled strange.
She complained to the police, who found that her husband was the culprit.
Tha told the court he had poisoned the tea to kill himself and not his wife.
The couple had an argument earlier that morning over a piece of land he sold to their son without her knowledge.
The son had paid half the price and Tha asked him to pay the remaining that morning. Ba overheard their conversation and told the son not to pay, saying the rest of the money belonged to her and not Tha.

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