9 face charges in southern Vietnam train-cars disaster

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Southern Vietnamese police said Sunday they have proposed charge of dereliction of duty against five railway workers involved in a collision between a train and six cars that killed two and injured 24 others in February.

Police also proposed charge of "obstructing rail traffic" against two car drivers and "violating railway driving regulations" against two train drivers involved in the accident, which took place on February 6 the a bridge in Bien Hoa town which also has rail tracks.

According to the police investigation report, on that day, Nguyen Minh Chau, 44, was leading a group of five cars across the Ghenh Bridge.

When they reached the middle, the cars were blocked by a taxi driven by Nguyen Hung Quoc, 32, and this led to an argument between Quoc and Chau, which caused a traffic jam.

A northbound train driven by Nguyen Van Tuy, 43, and co-driver Nguyen Xuan Phu, 47, arrived on the bridge and crashed into six cars stuck in the traffic jams. Two people died on the spot, while 24 others were injured.

The police said Tuy and Phu had crossed the bridge despite not being given the green signal.

Tran Van Thoi, Tran Viet Hai, Bui Van Thuan, and Nguyen Van Luong, who were in charge of the railroad crossing, were aware of the traffic jam but did not warn the train drivers.


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The police also said that a warning light some 800 meters from the bridge had been broken but To Quang Toan, a maintenance worker, had not fixed it.

Quoc and Chau now face charges of "obstructing rail traffic," and Tuy and Phu of ""violating railway driving regulations."

The police said they had recommended charges of "dereliction of duty, causing critical consequences" against the five other railway workers.

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