8-year-old boy drowns while fishing in irrigation canal

TN News

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An eight-year-old boy drowned while fishing in an irrigation canal in the northern Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa Thursday, online newspaper VnExpress reported.


At around 1:30 p.m. Le Huy Giap and two of his friends went to the Ba Cua Canal near their house in a village in Tinh Gia District.


While fishing, Gia reportedly missed his footing, fell into the canal, and drowned since he did not know how to swim.


His friends did not call adults for help immediately, but instead returned to the village.


When villagers saw their fearful faces, they asked them about it, and only then did the boys tell anyone about Giap's fatal accident.


The villagers rushed to the spot but could only recover Giap's body.


The two boys said they were initially too scared to call for help or tell anyone for fear of being scolded for going fishing without their parents' permission.


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