8 people arrested in Vietnam in multi-million dollar credit card hacking scam

TN News

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Investigators seizing documents from the house of one of the gang arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

The Ministry of Public Security police said Friday they have arrested eight people of a gang who allegedly made millions of dollars by selling credit card information they stole by hacking into websites around the world.

Vietnamese police had coordinated with investigators in the US and UK to investigate the gang for two years before arresting three of them in Hanoi and five in Ho Chi Minh City.

They allegedly stole credit card information to appropriate at least US$300 million.

They would hack into websites, including of online trading companies, and sell the information on hackers' forums.

Truong Duy Hai, 24, of HCMC is thought to be the mastermind.

The police seized many expensive cars and properties.

They are investigating further.

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