8 injured as grenade explodes during military exercise

TN News

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Eight militiamen were injured when a grenade exploded during an exercise in the central province of Nghe An Tuesday.


The accident happened at around 4 p.m. when militiamen of Thanh My Commune in Thanh Chuong District were collecting fake grenades used for the military exercise before taking a break.


But one grenade exploded suddenly, injuring eight people, five of them seriously.  

All victims are being treated at hospital. Four victims a woman and three men were transferred to a hospital in Hanoi for treatment.


Twenty-two militiamen had joined the regular exercise held by Thanh Chuong District's army unit. They were being trained to throw grenades.


It has not been explained why a genuine grenade was up with the fake ones.


The accident is being investigated further.


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