6 militiamen suspended after being filmed assaulting drunk drivers

By Do Truong, Thanh Nien News

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A still image from the clip showing a militiaman locking the arms of a man. A still image from the clip showing a militiaman locking the arms of a man.


A Binh Duong military unit has suspended six militiamen after they were accused of assaulting four men in the southern province on April 30.
“Though the group of young men were involved in wrongdoing, their handling by the militiamen was wrong and they have been suspended pending an investigation,” said Le Phi Hung, who leads the Di An Town military unit.
A neighborhood official was also suspended for involvement in the case, but none of the identities were revealed.
On the evening of April 30 the militiamen found four drunk men on two motorbikes revving their vehicles and zigzagging on the road.
When warned by them and the official, the young men began to insult them, and the militiamen began to hit them with their batons.
Someone filmed the assault and it was posted on a Facebook page, attracting more than 773,000 views and hundreds of comments.
Many said the men would not have been beaten if they had not done wrong, while others said the militiamen had no right to assault them.
Hung said the four men and the attackers were taken to a police station after the incident.
None of the men were badly injured and they have agreed not to complain, he said.
Hung promised strict action against any militiaman found guilty of violating the law.
In Vietnam, militiamen are assigned various tasks, the most common being to help the police maintain order.

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