4-year-old survives fall from 10th floor in Vietnam

By Pham Huu, Thanh Nien News

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109 Nguyen Bieu Apartment Building in District 5 where a four-year-old boy survived after falling from the 10th floor. Photo: Pham Huu 

A four-year-old boy survived miraculously after falling from the 10th floor of an apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City Saturday.
Dang Gia Nam, who lives in 109 Nguyen Bieu Apartments in District 5, escaped with just scratches on his face and legs. He eats and walks normally but is being kept at Cho Ray Hospital for observation.
Bui Thi Nhung, Nam’s grandmother, said she was busy cooking at noon and did not notice that Nam had climbed on a chair in their apartment balcony and fell over the railing.
When she did not see him, she ran into the balcony and saw him on a muddy, vacant piece of land 10 floors below.

Dang Gia Nam at home, after being discharged from the hospital. Photo courtesy of Thien Chuong.
Dung, a man who lives on the 9th floor, said he heard a sound like something hitting his apartment railing before seeing the boy fall.
As other residents rushed to the spot, Nam suddenly sat up.
He was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Tests and scans showed him to be alright.
"I've received children who fell from tables, chairs or even from the first or second floor," Doctor Huynh Le Phuong of Cho Ray Hospital said. "But this child fell from the 10th floor and is still alive and well - it's incredible."
He said all test results came back normal, and Nam is being discharged Tuesday.
"I myself find it hard to believe. Theoretically, it's impossible even to remain in one piece after falling from such height," Dr. Phuong said.

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