4-year-old girl escapes from kidnappers, finds her way home

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A four-year-old girl in central Vietnam successfully escaped from two kidnappers on Thursday and found her way home safely. 
With her help, police in Phu Yen Province on Friday arrested Nguyen Tan Dung and Luong Anh Hao for allegedly kidnapping her for a ransom of VND1 billion (US$50,000).
Police said Huynh Kim Ngoc Thao was babysat by her brother Tuyen after their mother left for Ho Chi Minh City. 
Tuyen then visited Dung, his classmate, and brought his sister along. 
At around 10 a.m., Tuyen went back to his house to look for some food for his sister, leaving the girl at Dung's house.
Dung, 17, allegedly told her that he would take her fishing but then he abducted her with the help of Hao. 
They brought her to a sugar cane field around a kilometer away. They tied her up with duct tape and placed her inside a sack. 
Dung then returned to his house, leaving Hao to watch the victim. 
When Dung met the brother soon later, he allegedly lied that the girl had left his house on her own. 
Hao then called the mother, demanding a VND1 billion ransom. 
After noticing that Hao had also left, Thao managed to free herself. 
She then ran away. 
The little girl, who was starved the whole time, went to a local house near the field and asked for help. She was taken back to her father and brother. 
Thao later told police in details how the two kidnappers had abducted her.
“I was so happy to be home,” said the little girl with a big smile.

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