451 railway accidents in 2010; No safety barriers in sight

TN News

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Eighty-five percent of 451 railway accidents recorded last year were related to streets intersecting railway lines, according to Vietnam Railway Administration.


Most accidents happened when locals illegally opened the streets for use, it said.


In its latest report, the agency said the main cause is poor safety awareness. Many people don't look out for trains at unmanned railway crossings.


Meanwhile, management agencies were yet to come up with a plan to establish safe railway crossings, it said.


According to the agency, more safety barriers would be an effective solution to railway accidents. It suggested related ministries and agencies study ways to organize traffic reasonably, redirect transport and tighten supervision.


Vietnam's railways cover a total length of 3,172 kilometers, including main routes running through 33 provinces and cities.


It is estimated that 6,267 streets currently cross nationwide railways, including 4,725 which have been illegally opened by locals.\


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