4 teen boys dealt time for deadly random street attacks

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A verdict in south central Vietnam Tuesday sentenced four teenagers to a total of 36 years in jail for random acts of violence and fatal street attacks they participated in "just for fun."

One of them received 15 years, one nine years and two others six years each under charges of "deliberately causing injuries," said the verdict by Phu Yen Province People's Court, according to news website Dan Tri.

Three of the boys are 17 years old and the other 16.

According to the indictment, on the night of August 12 last year the boys threw rocks at random people as they rode two motorbikes down the street. They killed one 31-year-old married man, sent a 13-year-old to the hospital, and injured several others.

They made 12 such attacks in one night of riding around with their headlights off.

The boys said they had gotten drunk on rice wine in front of their school and thought that the rock throwing would be "fun."

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