4 minority people warned in Vietnam for spreading anti-government propaganda

TN News

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Authorities in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai said Wednesday they have warned four ethnic minority men for using Facebook to distribute anti-government propaganda.


Nay Chuom, Ksor Ang, Ksor Phem, and Ksor Mok of Krong Pa District, all aged between 20 and 29, admitted their wrongdoing and promised not to repeat it, the provincial administration said in a release.


The four reportedly contacted some exiled members of Fulro, a separatist organization made up of members of ethnic minority hill tribes now living in the US, on Facebook.


They then distributed false information about the government, which caused disorder among ethnic minorities in the district, according to the Gia Lai People's Committee.


They also called on people to practice Protestantism, it said.  

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