4 men arrested in Vietnam for killing endangered monkeys

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Police in the central city of Da Nang arrested Tuesday four men for allegedly killing two rare and protected douc langurs.

News website VnExpress said the police had placed Ly Van Tiep, 21, Ly Van The, 32, Truong Quy Ba, 58, and Trieu Van Hoan, 31, under surveillance since July after they found them illegally setting up a tent in a local forest.

A raid of the tent netted the bodies of two douc langurs, one just butchered and the other being dried, three guns, bullets, explosives that the men had made themselves.

Ba and Hoan were arrested but the others escaped.

The gave himself up later, and the police found Tiep hiding in his house in Tuyen Quang Province.

The men said Ba had started the poaching operation after contacting Tiep, who had then been working in Da Nang and had knowledge of the area.

Douc langur is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as among the 25 most endangered primates in the world.

In July authorities in the Central Highlands of Gia Lai sacked a soldier and punished two others for posting gruesome Facebook photos of themselves with douc langurs during the process of cooking them.


The soldiers had bought the monkeys, later identified as critically endangered gray-shanked douc langurs, and hired someone to cook them.

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