4 farmers dead, 3 injured after lightning strike in northern Vietnam

By Dinh Dung, Thanh Nien News

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The paddy field in Ninh Binh Province where lightning struck four farmers dead on Sunday afternoon. Photo credit: VnExpress 

Four farmers died and three others were injured after being struck by lightning on a paddy field in the northern province of Ninh Binh Sunday.
The farmers were hired by Tran Van Tuan, 55, to harvest rice on his family’s field on Sunday afternoon. Tuan also joined the farmers. 
When they were working, a thunderstorm began and lightning struck. 
Tuan and and three women were killed instantly. Three others collapsed.
According to eyewitnesses, they rushed to the site and saw the farmers lying unconsciously with their bodies and clothes burned.
They were provided first aid but four of them had already been dead.
The survivors sustained minor burns. Vu Thi Ngai, 42, one of them, recalled the moment the strong electric current went through her body. She screamed and then collapsed.
Local authorities gave the families of the dead victims VND7 million (US$320) each to cover funeral costs.

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