4 arrested in Hanoi for forcing woman into prostitution

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Four arrestees at the police station. Photo credit: CAND Four arrestees at the police station. Photo credit: CAND


Hanoi police said Friday they have detained four men accused of forcing a 26-year-old woman into prostitution since 2013.
They are identified as Nguyen Van Ha, Bui Van Cong, Pham Quang Minh and Nguyen Van Thao.
Another suspect, Doan Thi Kim Ngan, was also arrested but later let out because she has a newborn baby.
According to an initial investigation report, the victim, Nguyen Thi Hai, migrated from Ha Giang Province to Hanoi to find a job in 2013.
In Hanoi, she met Ha, Cong, Minh and Ngan who offered her for a job at a karaoke parlor where she was beaten and forced to work as sex worker. They also forced her to pay “protection money”.
Hai managed to escape from them and went back to her hometown in 2015. The gang, however, asked Thao, whom the victim had not met, to make friends with her on social network.
Thao managed to invite Hai to Hanoi on August 4 where the gang abducted her once again.
This time they forced Hai to sign a debt note and work at the karaoke parlor to pay the debt.
On August 5, she managed to run to a police station.
Police are investigating the case.

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