4 arrested for robbing foreigners' homes in Hanoi

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Hanoi police return a laptop and other assets to foreigners after thieves who broke into their homes were arrested in the middle of April. Photos by Ha An

Hanoi police have detained four ex-convicts for robbing the homes of foreigners living in the capital, Colonel Dao Thanh Hai said Wednesday.

Nguyen Ngoc Vuong, 40, Nguyen Duy Anh, 23, Nguyen Viet Hung, 34 and Duong Van Duoc, 22, were arrested following a police investigation into the frequent break-ins at homes of foreign residents in Quang An Ward of Tay Ho District that began late last year.

They admitted to having robbed ten houses in the district, stealing four cell phones, four laptops, one computer tablet, and cash exceeding US$1,000. All items have been recovered and returned to the owners.

Police had been patrolling the neighborhood in plainclothes from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., nabbing the four thieves in mid-April, said Colonel Dao Thanh Hai.

The culprits said they worked separately, driving motorbikes to the area. They only eyed foreigners' residences, looking for windows left open at night. 

Hung had been convicted of crimes four times in the past. The other arrestees had all been convicted once.

Police are investigating further.

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