3-year-old girl in Vietnam dies trying to protect brother from bee attack

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A one-year-old boy has survived multiple bee stings, but his three-year-old sister, who tried to protect him from the bee attack, died in southern Vietnam, VnExpress reported Wednesday.

Le Thi Hong Chi, mother of the children, said in the newswire that on December 23, before leaving home to take her eldest daughter, 9, to school, she left her son, Dang Tan Dat, in a hammock under a big tree in their backyard.

Her second eldest daughter, Dang Ngoc Thanh Tam, volunteered to babysit the boy, Chi said.

About five minutes later the mother came back and saw bees swarming around her children, as Tam held her brother in her hands, screaming continuously, "Dat, run!"

Chi said that as she extracted bees from Tam's hair, the girl did not complain about being hurt, only repeating: "Mom, bees hit Dat and me. Please help Dat."

The bees only relented after Chi ran for some ten meters, carrying her children, she told VnExpress.

Both Dat and Tam were rushed to Ba Ria Vung Tau General Hospital, where doctors initially said their conditions were not critical, the newswire reported.

Tam, however, grew weaker throughout the day and the siblings were transferred to Children Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. The girl, who was stung more than 40 times, died because of "critical poisoning in her blood" and her weakened internal organs, it said.

Dat, meanwhile, has a high chance of recovering from his some 30 stings, Dr. Vo Quoc Bao, head of the hospital's anti-poisoning department, said in VnExpress.

According to the source, it was later found that the beehive was less than ten steps from the hammock and the tree branch where it was located had been broken by winds.

The children's family was aware of the hive before the accident, but did not remove it, it said.

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