3-year-old boy dies in flooded sewage canal

TN News

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A three-year-old boy drowned after being swept away into a flooded sewage canal in the northern city of Hai Phong last Sunday, VTC News reported Tuesday.

The accident happened at around 11 a.m. when Tran Bao Dung was led by his eight-year-old sister Tran Ngoc Yen Vy to an alley behind a kindergarten to play.

Dung is believed to have taken a false step and fallen into the open canal, which was flooded because of heavy rain the previous evening.

Vy cried for help as Dung was swept away by the waters. Residents rushed to the site but the boy was already out of sight.


Three children drown in Mekong Delta

Dung's family then searched the outlet of the canal and found his body one and a half hours later.

According to residents, the canal had been repaired two months ago. However, it was open and local authorities had not posted warning signs about possible flooding of the canal during heavy rains.

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