300 hectares of cajeput burnt down

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Around 300 hectares of cajeput trees were burnt in the Mekong Delta Kien Giang Province before a two-day fire was put out early Saturday.

Some of the trees at the forestation area in Hon Dat District were two to five years old.

Earlier on Thursday, another 50 hectares of forest in Giang Thanh District were burned down apparently by a fire that spread after local residents had burnt dry weeds.

On Friday, another fire burnt nearly 20 hectares of protective forest in Long An Province neighboring Ho Chi Minh City.

Dozens of forest fires have been recorded since last month as the dry season has been harsher than usual and come earlier this year. With residents in many areas of the Mekong Delta and other parts of the southern region facing a shortage of water for daily use, and increasing salination of inland water sources, a high risk of forest fires had been predicted by experts.

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