3 Vietnamese jailed in UK for working in cannabis factory: report

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A cannabis farm in England. Photo credit: Reuters A cannabis farm in England. Photo credit: Reuters


Three Vietnamese men were jailed in the UK last week for working at a cannabis farm and will be deported after serving their terms, according to a news report.
Hoang Anh, 20, was jailed for 20 months while Nguyen Su, 50, and Nguyen Dat, 47, were sentenced to two years each.
Police caught the three at a factory early last month where they found more than 2,000 plants, Coventry Telegraph reported.
Prosecutors said the plants would have been sold for up to US$2.12 million and that was the largest cannabis bust ever in Coventry, a city in the center of England.
They said the defendants were the lowest links in the chain and they just helped harvest the crop.
Dat came to England through an employment agent and paid $3,000 hoping to find a job to support his wife and children back home, but he could not secure one. 
He told the police he worked at the cannabis factory for just four days.
Su came seven years ago and had various jobs in kitchens. In November, he was introduced to work at the premise as a gardener.
Anh was brought to the UK five years ago as part of a deal to pay off a debt his family owed in Vietnam, and had been working in nail bars.

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