3 Vietnam police officers jailed for custody death

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A court in Vietnam's Central Highlands province of Gia Lai has sentenced three former police officers to jail for beating a man to death during interrogation, news website Dan Tri reported.

Trieu Tien Bo and Luong Van Tuan, two former police officers in To Tung Commune in Kbang District, got eight and five years respectively for "murder."

Hoang Van Vang, the former police chief, was sentenced to one year and nine months for "lack of responsibility resulting in serious consequences."

According to the indictment, on August 1, 2010, commune police officers were informed that two water pipes were missing from a construction site.

Following investigations, they found the pipes at the house of Le Phuc Hung, a 53-year-old local.

Vang assigned Bo to interrogate Hung. After interrogating him at the police station, Bo locked Hung inside and went home for a break.

He returned at around 1:30 p.m., gave Hung some food, and again locked him inside.

Two hours later Vang, Bo, and Tuan returned to interrogate Hung. Vang repeatedly asked Hung if he had stolen anything else besides the two pipes, and Hung insisted he did not.

Vang then handcuffed Hung and the trio took turns to beat him.

They locked up at around 5 p.m with Hung inside, and left for dinner after spraying tear gas in the room.

When they returned, they found Hung dead. An autopsy reportedly revealed that he died of CS gas in the tear gas.

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