3 traffic cops suspended over checkpoint attack

By Gia Khanh, Thanh Nien News

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 A still from the video clip shows the man in plain clothes assisting traffic police officers at the Nga Ba Thai Lan checkpoint in Dong Nai Province. The man is identified as Pham Minh Tri, a 35-year-old native.
Police in the southern province of Dong Nai suspended Tuesday three traffic police officers at a checkpoint where a woman claimed she was attacked after she argued with an officer.
The officers named Luong Van Than, Vo Chi Cong and Pham Manh Tuan were on duty at the Nga Ba Thai Lan checkpoint when the incident happened.
Dong Nai police said the trio will be suspended for further investigations into the case.
On Saturday (September 5) Do Vu Hoang Anh, 22, posted on her Facebook page a short video that showed the quarrel between her and an officer at the Nga Ba Thai Lan checkpoint.
Anh said she and her boyfriend were driving a motorbike on Highway 51 towards Ho Chi Minh City when three officers at the checkpoint stopped them at around 3 p.m. on Friday (September 4).
The officers told the couple they would be fined for speeding.
Anh said the officers told them to pay VND500,000 (US$22) to avoid the VND750,000 fine.
Her boyfriend agreed to pay, but the woman did not.

Do Vu Hoang Anh said she was attacked after she argued with a traffic police officer in Dong Nai on September 4, 2015. Photo: Trung Hieu

She then asked the officers what the suggested VND500,000 payment  was for and started arguing.
Anh said a man in plain clothes, standing near the officers, suddenly pushed her and hit her face.
The man was later identified as Pham Minh Tri, a 35-year-old Dong Nai native.
Other officers reportedly stopped the attack and brought the couple to a police station.
They apologized to the couple. They have been paid VND2 million by the attacker as compensation.
Anh suspected that Tri worked as an “assistant” for the officers. But the officers denied hiring Tri.

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