3 killed, 6 missing from northern Vietnam shipwreck

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Three people were killed and six are missing as a cargo ship sunk in Quang Ninh Province on Sunday.

Authorities in Quang Ninh said the bodies of three people from Huong Dien 9 were found on Monday afternoon. The boat was carrying nearly 1,000 tons of coal from the province to the central region.

Investigations showed that the water was not very rough at the time the boat sunk, but the boat's engine had broken and the captain lost control.

Pham Dinh Hoa from the Quang Ninh Department of Flood Prevention and Rescue said it's difficult to understand why the crew members did not call for rescue when their engine broke and only called when the boat sank.

Hoa also said that it was difficult for the rescuers to approach the boat because it was sailing unnecessarily far from the shore, the reason for which he did not understand either.

Coal smuggling from Quang Ninh to China has been robust during the last months of the year.

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