3 injured in Hanoi shooting over debts

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Three people were injured Tuesday when a group of people fired shots at an eatery in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, reportedly due to a debt-related dispute, Vietnamnet has reported.

It said six people on three motorbikes attacked the restaurant owned by Nguyen Van Nang, 46, in Phu Dien Commune, Tu Liem District, at around 1.40 p.m. when his family was having lunch inside.

Neighbors said they heard five shots, but by the time they rushed out of their houses the attackers had fled.

Among the victims was Nang's pregnant daughter-in-law who was shot in her shoulder. A 19-year-old guest got several bullets in his right arm.

No details are available about the third victim.

An unnamed police officer was quoted as saying that three different kinds of bullets were found at the scene.

According to Nang, the shooting was related to his son's gambling debts of VND20 million (US$946) that he had agreed to pay.

He said his son owed a person known as T., who lives in the same commune, VND50 million ($2,400) and interest of VND500,000 ($23.66) per day.

When his son could not pay the debts anymore, a group of young men came to Nang's house to demand payment. He paid them VND30 million in two installments.

At around 10 a.m. on Tuesday a man had called Nang and demanded the rest of the money, but he did not have money and asked for some time.

But the man kept insisting that Nang to pay it the same day, which led to an argument, threatening text messages, and seemingly the attacks.

The police are investigating.

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