20-ton whale rescued in southern Vietnam

TN News

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Fishermen and soldiers in the southern province of Ca Mau on Friday released a 20-ton-plus whale to the sea after rescuing it earlier that day, a local official said.

According to Major Nguyen Quoc Doanh, head of Khanh Hoi Commune's Border Guard division, the whale, which was 22 meters long, was found stranded about two sea miles (around 3,700 kilometers) from the shore.

Upon receiving information from local fishermen, more than 10 boats and hundreds of fishermen were mobilized to rescue the whale.

Four months ago, local fishermen also found a dead 2-ton whale, Tuoi Tre reported. They, with local authorities, buried the whale in accordance with traditional rituals for the giant creature, which is worshipped as a god by Vietnamese fishermen.

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