2 women robbed, killed by employees in central Vietnam

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Police in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai are looking for two men who allegedly killed and robbed a woman and her daughter in whose cafe they had worked.

Tran Thi Ai, 70, was found with stab wounds, while Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, 38, besides being stabbed many times, also had tendons in her legs sliced.

Their bodies were found on the night of December 22 in the café they ran in front of their house in Dak Doa District.

Vo Thanh Trung, 14, Thuy's son, had been tied up in the shop's bathroom by the suspects Nguyen Thanh Tu, 18, and Hieu.

Trung said they had threatened to kill him too if he screamed. He managed to untie himself and run out for help after the men left with the family's motorbike, money, and other stuff they had stolen.

The men had been staying with the family for two days.

Tu has a nationwide warrant out for him for robbery in his hometown in the southern province of Binh Phuoc in July. Nothing is known about Hieu yet.

Tu, who used to work briefly for Thuy's sister six years ago, suddenly showed up last week with Hieu and asked to be given jobs in the family's gold shop.

The family refused, and Thuy employed them instead.


Police found two blood-stained knives in the shop.

On the night of the murders Thuy's husband had been away for a wedding.

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