2 unexploded US bombs found in central Vietnam

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Two unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam War were found near a beach in the central province of Quang Tri Monday, online newspaper Dan Tri reported.

Personnel from a military-run company discovered the bombs, each 1.5 meters long and weighing 227 kg, at a construction site for an embankment near Cua Tung beach in Cua Tung town.

They informed Solidarity Service International, a German non-profit organization working on clearing unexploded ordnance and integrated development since 1998 in Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Tri Provinces.

SODI personnel removed the bombs to a ground and defused them. They identified them as Mark 82 bombs dropped by the US.

Around 6.6 million hectares, or more than a fifth of Vietnam's land area, contains UXO, according to official figures. Just 300,000 ha (741,316 acres) have been cleared so far.

Experts estimate it will take hundreds of years and billions of dollars to completely get rid of the remaining bombs, shells, and landmines.

Since 1975, when the Vietnam War ended, unexploded bombs have killed more than 40,000 people and injured 60,000. 

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