2 turn themselves in for knife attack on cops in Hanoi

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Two men who allegedly stabbed and injured two police officers a month ago surrendered in Hanoi Sunday, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Hoang Dinh Thao and Nguyen Van Hung, both 22, confessed to attacking on Ngo Ba Sang and Nguyen Van Thanh of the Hanoi police's economics department on August 5.

The Soc Son District police merely said Thao and Sang, 23, had a dispute while working at a construction site, but provided no further details.

Thao planned to attack Sang, persuaded Hung to accompany him, and bought two knives at a market.

They spent a few hours looking for the officer before spotting him leaving a café. But Sang fled upon seeing the duo running toward him with knife in hand.

They chased after Sang until he stumbled in front of Thanh's house while trying to get into it.

Thao stabbed his left hand, but Sang still managed to enter the house.

Thanh then appeared and tried to stop the duo, and his left hand was also stabbed.

Thao and Hung continued to chase after them within the house, and only left on their motorbike when they saw many local people running toward the house in response to Thanh's cried for help.

The police are investigating.

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