2 prisoners in Vietnam to be charged with murder for mercy killing of inmate

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Two prisoners in Dong Nai Province face murder charges for killing a depressed fellow inmate at his insistence.

The Dong Nai Prosecutors' Office has proposed prosecution of Hoang Van Ba, 27, and Ngo Dinh Su Nghiep, 30, for killing 56-year-old Le Cong Tro on September 13 last year.

Tro was remanded in B5 prison in early 2011 for a murder investigation, and kept in the same cell as Ba, Nghiep, and another inmate.

They all called Tro "Dad" because he was much older.

Investigators said Tro was constantly telling his cellmates that he wanted to commit suicide because he was being investigated for murder.

"Help me die soon and I will bless you," he would tell them.

After he begged them several times to help him die, Nghiep and Ba agreed while the other man refused.

On the fateful day, after having a "last meal" with them, Tro tied a T-shirt around his neck and told Nghiep to hold his legs and hands and Ba to strangle him with the garment.

After Tro died, the two dumped his body in a water tank to make it look like suicide.

Vietnamese law does not allow voluntary euthanasia or mercy killing.

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