2 men on motorbike take potshots at Hanoi bus

TN News

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Two young men on a motorbike shot at a bus on a Hanoi street on Monday, but no one was killed or injured, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported Tuesday.

The police are searching for the men who targeted the bus of Hanoi Bus Company as it was carrying passengers to the Tia train station in Thuong Tin District.

The news agency quoted witnesses as saying that the men were traveling in the same direction as the bus when they fired toward the driver area, cracking the bus' glass doors. After firing, they sped up toward Phu Xuyen District.

The bullet was later identified as belonging to a sport gun.

Nguyen Van Thanh, director of the Hanoi Bus Co., said in VNA that the driver, Nguyen Dang Thang, 37, has worked for the company for nearly 10 years, and has never been known to have any conflict with anyone.

The case is being investigated.

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