2 men die in Vietnam as bomb goes off by accident

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Police in the northern province of Bac Ninh are investigating an explosion Saturday in which two men died after a bomb they had been carrying went off.

Locals told the police they found the men's motorbike badly mangled and still burning soon after a deafening explosion in front of a house in Tien An Ward at around 1.30 a.m shook the ground.

The shredded bodies of Do Van Muoi, 38, a Tien An local, and Nguyen Van Hai, 46, from the nearby province of Hai Duong, had been tossed dozens of meters by the force of the blast.

A man living nearby, who requested anonymity, said: "I was sleeping when I felt as if I had been bombed; I was thrown off the bed.

"At first, we did not know about the dead men until we found their remains 30-40 meters away from the burning motorbike.

"I saw pieces of flesh everywhere, splattered on the walls of nearby houses."

Blood stains could be seen on nearby buildings whose doors and windows had also been broken.

"I saw two men had stopped their motorbike and were doing something with wires, and nearly a minute later the blast occurred," another local said also on condition of anonymity.

People in Tien An told Thanh Nien that Muoi had been a loan shark and a debt collector, and that no one in dared to pick a quarrel with him.

Hai was thought to be Muoi's friend and had only appeared in the area a few days before the explosion.    

Locals believe that a relative of Muoi possibly had a conflict with a family in the area, and so the duo had been bringing the bomb to attack the family.

"It was likely that the two carried a self-made bomb to throw into somebody's house," a local living near Muoi's house said on condition of anonymity. 

The police are investigating.

An explosion in Bac Ninh in December 2011 killed a pregnant woman and her four-year-old daughter. The explosives were rigged on her motorbike by her brother-in-law Nguyen Duc Tiem, who was sentenced to life in November.

In 2010 the man had planted explosives on a close friend's bike in Hai Duong, which cost the latter his left leg.

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