2 men arrested for wrestling with police officers on Hanoi street

Thanh Nien News

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The men, allegedly drunk, tried to resist the policemen after their car was pulled over


Hanoi police have arrested two men accused of wrestling with traffic police officers after being pulled over on Tuesday. 
The whole incident was recorded and the video has gone viral on the Internet. 
At around 2:15 p.m. two policemen on Nguyen Hong Street pulled over a car. 
The man sitting next to the driver stepped out and pulled the collar of one of the officers. He was handcuffed. 
The driver began to push the two police officers. The other man kicked an officer in his face.
One of the officers dropped his shoe and his gun in the fight.
The handcuffed man then ran into a nearby house.
Local police were mobilized to the scene and helped arrest the two men.
Van, a witness, was quoted by VnExpress as saying that the handcuffed man was very drunk.
Police are seeking criminal charges against them. Their names have not been disclosed. 

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