2 men arrested for Phu Quoc murder, robbery

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The Kien Giang police Saturday arrested two men for allegedly killing a nine-year-old boy when they burgled his house in Phu Quoc on September 25.

Ho Huu Hieu, 33, and Le Thanh Nam, 49, were both locals, and the latter lived next door to Nguyen Chi Cuong, the victim, the police said.

They said Nam had been planning the burglary for long.

On September 24 he discovered from the boy's grandfather that his [the boy's] father was away on a fishing expedition, leaving his wife and two young children alone at home.

At around 2 am on the day of the crime the duo sneaked into Cuong's house in Ganh Dau Commune, and cut the mosquito net around the bed of Nguyen Thi Phi, the boy's mother to steal her jewels.

She woke up and cried for help but Hieu beat her unconscious with a club he was carrying.

Cuong and his brother Nguyen Chi Dai, six, cried for help only to be battered by the thieves. Cuong died of brain injuries later.

The duo made off with around 150 gm of gold jewelry.


Burglar kills 1, injures 2 to steal gold from house

Neighbors were not aware of the crime until Phi regained consciousness at around 5 am and called her relatives for help.

The police are investigating further.

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