2 jailed for murder in Vietnam metro wild brawl

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A court in Ho Chi Minh City has sentenced two men to prison terms for killing the other's relatives in a conflict that took place in the city's downtown area at the end of last year.

Lam Tri, 27, received a one-year sentence for murdering Nguyen Hoan Phuc, 27, under an intensely provoked state of mind, the board of judges said at the hearing on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Phuc's brother Nguyen Hoan Vu, 31, was jailed for three and half years for killing Tri's wife Ho Thi Ngoc Huyen, 21.

According to the indictment, Tri and Phuc were friends before their friendship broke up in late 2011.

Prosecutors said after a drinking party, Phuc asked his friend to share the bill, but was refused.

Although at that time Tri's mother gave Phuc VND1 million (US$46.9) to settle their argument, the latter kept asking his friend to pay him the money so he could get his motorbike back from a pawnshop.

They made an appointment at September 23 Park in the center of District 1 on September 6 last year to resolve their differences.

During the meeting, Phuc once again asked Tri, who was with his wife, Huyen, to pay him. Tri refused.

As the married couple was leaving, Phuc started beating Huyen, prosecutors said.

As Tri tried to stop him, Phuc stabbed him repeatedly with a knife he had brought to the meeting.

Huyen then threw her helmet at Phuc in order to stop the man, but she was stabbed as well.

Despite his injuries, Tri grabbed the knife out of Phuc's hand and repeatedly stabbed him.


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Arriving at the site, Vu saw his brother being attacked, so he grabbed a wooden club that he used to strike Tri and Huyen.

Prosecutors said Phuc and Huyen died on the spot, while Tri sustained serious injuries. 

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