2 get death for killing, dismembering gay partner in southern Vietnam

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Tran Tu Dien, 25 (in front), and Ngo Van Tam, 21, at the court. Photo by Hai Ha  

A Dong Nai Province court has sentenced two men to death for killing their roommate and dismembering him to cover up their ghastly crime in December 2012.

The Dong Nai People's Court Wednesday gave Ngo Van Tam, 21, and Tran Tu Dien, 25, death for murder besides eight and seven years respectively for robbery.

The trial Wednesday attracted hundreds of spectators.


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Tam, Dien and Bui Van Liem, 28, left their hometowns in the Mekong Delta for Bien Hoa Town to work as porters at a cattle feed company.

Tam and Liem shared a rented room in An Binh Ward in June 2012.

They had a homosexual relationship and Liem promised to give Tam VND500 million (US$23,500). 

A month later Tam invited Dien to live with them, and Liem also had sex with the latter.

When Liem refused to give him the money despite being asked several times, Tam persuaded Dien to help him kill Liem in revenge.

They bought four knives and on December 24, when Liem was fast asleep at around 11 p.m., Dien stabbed him in the chest. Tam then stabbed him repeatedly until he died.

The duo took VND200,000 and a cell phone worth VND300,000 from Liem before using the knives to cut him up into pieces, which they put in two sacks.

They went out and looked to steal a motorbike to carry the sacks and them dispose of.

They stole the motorbike of a stranger in An Binh who made friends with them and invited them for a drink, took the sacks to an alley in the town's Binh Da ward and left them there.

They then went back to their room, cleaned all traces of blood, and hid the knives.

The Dong Nai police arrested them on December 26.

The case captured a lot of public attention for its brutality and the homosexual relationship between the three.

In an online conference on fighting crime in the country held by the government January 3, Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong called the killing "downright savage" and "causing public anger."  

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